Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's been a while...

Hi everyone! I know it's been almost 2 months since my last post... Mid May, PRC shut down all blogging... I can only assume it was in preparation for the Tienanmen Square Massacre 20 year anniversary. I read an article yesterday, where PRC called this whole event a "Western myth." Seriously?!?!?! wow...

Well, just a few days prior to the girls and I heading this way, our hot water heater went out. The valve (whatever that is) had to be replaced. Remember, there's no going to the local hardware store to get the part and replace it in a few short hours. For 3 days, we had to go to the club house to take hot showers. We were 5 star camping!! lol... During this time, one morning about 3 am, Matt and I awoke to the smell of burning electrical. Oh man... all of our power shut off, and we had to light candles to see if we could find where the source was. Matt called the "butler" (management office), and they sent a worker. Amazingly, when he got to the door, he asked Matt if he had a flashlight - really?? Preparedness - at it's best... So, the guy used one of the candles, to look at the electrical power board (how safe is this???). The short of it is, our landlord had turned our a/c units to "on" instead of "auto," when he was looking at the duct work; thus burning up the motor in one of the units. The hot water heater and the a/c were repaired on the same day. just 3 days before our departure.

It has been so wonderful to be on the Central Coast of California and see all our friends. The girls have spent large amounts of time at friends houses, riding horses, and just enjoying their summer vacation. We leave early next week for the 2nd leg of our summer trip. Skunk story to come soon! Waiting on pictures to put with it - more to come!

~Be Blessed!

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