Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We have been back for almost a week, and we haven't slowed down. We landed at about 4 am, and I stayed awake unpacking and putting everything away. It's been good to just be able to hang out at home and visiting with friends we haven't seen in a while.

I mailed myself 2 large boxes of things a few days prior to our return. Well, last Friday, one of the boxes arrived. I haven't seen the other one, and I'm a little upset. It had my ice tea bags, no pudge brownie mix, volleyballs, and some other essentials from America. I have James on it though, so I am hoping the box surfaces. Otherwise, I will be petitioning friends/family to send care packages!

The girls start at ISB next Thursday. I am excited for them, and know they are too. Samantha is moving to East Tennessee, to finish school at ETSU. She will actually be closer to family, but away from friends. Selfishly, I am excited - I had planned to spend some time in Virginia and DC next summer - so we have a place to stay. It always good when a plan comes together.

Not much else is going on - the girls are busy with youth and hanging out with friends. We have had friends over for dinner and gone to other friend's homes. Summer ending is a little bitter sweet.

Tomorrow night, the girls are supposed to bring a dessert to their youth night - pretty sure one is making something from a Dr. Seuss cookbook and the other is making a kitty litter cake - I'm sure pictures are to follow.

I sure miss everyone!! We did get a Vonage phone, so I have been talking to my mom every morning. I missed that daily ritual - from when we lived in California.

For those of you who know I've been on the man hunt for white gravy - I made some from scratch. It was pretty good, but I spoke with the manager of the grocery store here, and he said some should be arriving the end of the month - Sydni is super excited.

I hope everyone's summer is winding down nicely, and reentry to school won't cause combustion.

Be blessed!